Make the most of your free time learning languages!!

If you want to learn a language in a much faster way, the Linguae Institute has prepared special packages for intensive courses.

How does it work?                                      

You may choose between private lessons or lessons in small groups, to be held wherever is more convenient for you: home, office, building, etc. During an intensive course, the teacher will go to your preferred location three or four times a week.



The Linguae Institute only applies methods that are highly acclaimed around the world and recommended by the main institutions that promote the language in question. For English, that would be the Cambridge University Press; for Spanish, The Cervantes Institute, Hachette for French and the Göette Institut for German.

More Information

Contact our pedagogical team to schedule an introductory lesson, using the telephone +1 203 604 6892 or email

For further information, don't hesitate in contacting us:
+1 203 642 7004 +1 203 970 0268
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