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The Linguae Institute offers courses in a variety of formats, in order to cater to your needs, time availability and learning profile.

During the first lessons, our teacher will identify which resources will be more efficient to use throughout the duration of the course, while also getting to know the student’s preferences, needs and expectations in learning the language.

Online Courses are aimed at people who are short of time and require more flexibility. We use highly interactive tools such as Skype, Google Docs and many others.

Our intensive courses are for those who need to learn a lot in a short span of time. Varying from 6 to 12 hours/ week, courses are adapted to the student’s time availability.

Preparation Courses are aimed at individuals who already speak a second language and require a Certificate to attest their proficiency, whether for job applications or to be admitted to a Master’s Degree or an MBA program abroad.

Courses such as: ‘Kids and Teens’ or ‘Business English’ cater for specific needs. The course ‘Kids’ has been especially developed for the way a child or teenager learns, which requires more playful activities. ‘Business English’ caters for professionals that work as managers, directors or aims to climb the career ladder.

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