Knowledge is the key for a successful transfer abroad!

Being apointed to take over a position in Brazil is a great carrer opportunity for an executive. It’s also a challenge, because when a company decides to send a professional abroad, it expects to supply a strategic need in its business, by using the experiance of this employee for several objectives.

Get used to a new life in Brazil could be a big challenge for the expat and his or her family. The faster and the more effective this process take place, the better the results are going to be.

Linguae has developed a program specially for companies that receive foreign executives in Brazil and aims to offer to the the executive and his or her family a training that would provide the necessary information for starting and enjoy their new life in Brazil.

The training lasts 5 hours and include several aspects of the local culture, practical issues that the expat and the family will have to cope with in Brazil and also, entertainment and social life tips for the new city where they are going to live and work.

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