Preparation Course for Celpe-Bras


This course is taught by teachers that are experienced in Portuguese as a foreign language, as well as preparing students for the Celpe-Bras Exams.

About the Exam

The Celpe-Bras is an Exam that enables foreign speakers to certify their proficiency in the Portuguese language. It has been developed and organized by the Ministry of Education (MEC), and is currently applied in Brazil and other countries with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). The Exam is the only certificate of Proficiency of Portuguese as a foreign language that is officially recognized by the Brazilian government. All around the world, it is accepted by companies and educational institutes as proof of competence in the Portuguese language, while in Brazil the certificate is demanded by universities for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as required to validate certificates of foreign professionals who intend to work in the country.

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