At the Lenguae you get an English course tailored just for you!



Based on the “Touchstone Methodology” our English courses are tailored according to your profile. That way, we always seek to find the teacher that best adapts to each student. You can opt for individual or small group lessons, at your home, office or here at the Linguae school!

Developed with the support of Cambridge International Corpus of North American English, our courses provide several opportunities for the student to interact with the learning process through the use of audiovisual resources. The content has been created to bring real North American English to the classroom, as it’s spoken on the streets, radio and television or written in magazines, books and newspapers.

Here, the student will learn to choose and apply grammar, vocabulary and the conversational strategies required to effectively and clearly communicate in English for travelling, tests, exams or interviews.

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“Being fluent in one or two foreign languages is no longer a privilege, but a necessity instead. Linguae has qualified…
Jaques Grinberg Costa – Director at Easycomp
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