About Lenguae Language Services

Each client will bring its learning background, preferences, hobbies, interests and opinions. The school along with its experienced team and experience abroad will develop a course connected with the needs, wishes and potential of each student or group.

Linguae works with the main European languages, both the Latin originated like, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian and the Germanic originated like, English, German, Dutch and Norwegian. In the future we will also work with other language families.

The school proposal is to teach in a dynamic way with the support of materials published by the main language centers in the world. Linguae’s target is that the student develops all the abilities for the language usage, therefore in our lessons with written and oral comprehension and expression.

For our corporate clients we offer another services in the language field like translation, localization, interpreter services, among others.

For further information, don't hesitate in contacting us:
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"They have great professionals, who are truly committed to teaching a foreign language correctly!"
Fábio Lopes - Depto. CRM, Seguros Unimed
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