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Quality, confidentiality and punctuality are the values we apply to each translation, with no exceptions.

In order to provide a better service for our translation clients, we created a division entirely dedicated to translation and interpreting jobs: LenguaePro.

LenguaePro has vast experience in projects of all sizes; we’re ready to provide these services for individuals and big companies, regardless of the length of the text. Our goal is to provide high quality results to all of our clients. In order to achieve that, we work with a network of qualified translators and use the main technologies available for the translation business.

Each project has its unique characteristics, therefore, conditions and deadlines for each one of them need to be arranged beforehand with our sales team. To get a quote, contact by telephone +1 203 900 1209 or send us an email to contact@lenguae.com

For further information, don't hesitate in contacting us:
+1 203 604 6892 +1 203 970 0268
"They have great professionals, who are truly committed to teaching a foreign language correctly!"
Fábio Lopes - Depto. CRM, Seguros Unimed
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